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Bellatrix Lestrange by LikeAPuzzle Bellatrix Lestrange :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 0 Bellatrix Preview by LikeAPuzzle Bellatrix Preview :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 2 6 Every You and Every Me by LikeAPuzzle Every You and Every Me :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 2 Dai by LikeAPuzzle Dai :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 0
Inspired by her.
the cool breeze rustles through her hair
calling from a world just barely there
She turns her eyes to her namesake readily
waits for it's embrace, standing steadily
She's wild like the raging tempest winds
mysterious as the royal blue twilight ends
her smile shines bright like our beloved sun
it dims the same, when light is done
her love for friends rains, never ceasing
for those who've done wrong - eternal freezing
joy, life, love, light, disaster, despair
she can be everything, she's always there.
She sees the birds and she longs to fly
she wishes for freedom and there she cries
she stands in her pain and she wonders why
but she's one of the best. And we call her sky.
:iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 1
Burn it Down by LikeAPuzzle Burn it Down :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 2 Andrej by LikeAPuzzle Andrej :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 0 3 Too long on my own... by LikeAPuzzle Too long on my own... :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 6 2
My Personal Circus
You tell me you're sorry, you made a mistake.
You force a smile, a grin made of paint.
You look at me and you cry, perfect airbrushed tears,
You plead honest, admit your guilt after all of these years
Do you mean what you say, or is it all just an act?
You haven't exactly been here, that's a well known fact
You stay in the shadows, but now here's the task
Tell me; Are you really sorry, or are you hiding behind your mask?
You're at one step of the tight rope and I'm straight across
There's no net at the bottom, fall and all is lost
A timid step forward reveals too big shoes,
I take a step backwards, I have too much to lose
To fall victim to your game is something I won't do
I see past your act, I see down to the real you.
The crowds sit and laugh, or gasp in awe at your clothes
All one hundred percent fooled by that grin and red nose
You may be honestly sorry, or it may all be a lie,
But you're still my father, after all of this time
You may be about to dive, or even lying to us all
:iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 3
Crying out for Him
Nobody knows what's inside my head,
Nobody knows how much I wish I were dead.
They can't see the tears in my mind
I hide my true self where no one can find
I run from the world, from the dark, and the hate
Take my life in my hands, I control my fate.
This live is my own. My only to live
So I know my best shot, is what i have to give.
But if this is my life, then please tell me why
In my times of agony I continue to cry.
Screaming for help, from some higher power.
I cry for relief hour after hour.
I fall to my knees, I cry out in pain
I've strayed far from you, yet I cry out your name
Raised on your love, craving salvation
I've lived in awe, admiring your creation.
Yet I run from you, Now I stand here in fear,
I've denied your name for the whole world to hear.
And still I'm asking you now to please wash me clean
forgive the things I've done, and the jerk I've been
I'm standing before you filthy, broken, ragged, and lost
Asking for the forgiveness promised by the ultimate cost.
The life
:iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 1
welcome to my nightmare
I walk down the city streets,
I listen to the city beats.
And the drum drowns dying screams,
and the drum drowns dying dreams.
In the middle of the street stands a gallows.
On the gallows hangs a young man.
He's not dead yet.
He fights on against the rope.
The wrenching, tearing, searing, ripping rope.
They walk on.
They see nothing.
The cars drive.
They're all alive.
The spit dribbles down his chin,
and he exhales his last.
I wake in a terrible sweat;
I gasp for breath, I'm not dead yet.
I get up for the day and meet their blank stare.
The dream is over; welcome to my nightmare.
:iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 2
I Fear
I feel fear.
I fear not being able to feel a partner's touch,
I fear the agony a partner's touch may bring.
I fear not being able to give my children enjoyment,
I fear not being able to feel enjoyment.
I fear my future,
I fear the present.
I feel fear.
I feel pain.
I feel pain when I sleep,
I feel pain when I am awake.
I feel pain when I move,
I feel pain when i remain still.
I feel pain when I get nervous,
I feel pain when I am calm
I feel pain.
I fear living a life of solitude,
Solitude continues.
I fear constant agony,
Constant agony continues.
I fear
I feel
I fear pain.
:iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 2 1
Spacebound by LikeAPuzzle Spacebound :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 1
Hotel Secrets - Denim
"Thank you all so much for coming out!" His voice rings through the stadium, sounding above the screaming crowd. Kashmir slips slowly to his bit of shadowy solitude at the back of the stage and waits for the lift to lower him back below the stage.
Denim's voice comes through the ear piece "they're lowering you now, we're done bro. The tour is over." Kashmir can hear the smile in his brothers voice, causing a big smile on his own face. He waves to the crowd and slowly disappears from sight.
"Denim!" He yells and runs from the platform before it even touches the ground to hug his brother tight. "we made it Denim. Another tour done."
Denim grins and hugs back tight, "Well we have a great band here. You, Me, Echo, and Wish are great. Did you have any doubts about the tour?" he laughs.
"Never!" Kashmir laughs and skips away into the crowd of their stage crew, friends, and band mates.
Without warning, Kashmir is knocked off balance by a little whirlwind of red and black "You were amazing!" N
:iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 2
I hope you can read this by LikeAPuzzle I hope you can read this :iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 0 3
Fallen - Prologue
A dark figure perched unnoticed atop the tower in the center of Lachrymosa's town square simply observing the activities of the citizens. With an uneasy shift, Eric turned to glance down the west side of the tower attempting not to be spotted by the crowds below. The wind blew and rustled his shaggy black hair, bringing a slight noise to his ears. At once the instict to go unnoticed was forgotten as Eric darted across the roof of the tower to find the sob that he had heard. He looked along the roads and in every seat he could see but it appeared that his search was in vain. He sat against the ledge of the roof and closed his eyes, clearing his mind in another attempt to find the lone sob. "where? Where did it come from?" He muttered to himself shaking his head. "Deep breaths Eric. Deep breaths." he mumbled. The wind was swirling around him and it seemed that all the noises of the city, save for the one he wanted to hear, were coming to his ears; dogs barks, tires screeching, doors open
:iconlikeapuzzle:LikeAPuzzle 1 2

Random Favourites

The Love of My Heart by carolgregoire The Love of My Heart :iconcarolgregoire:carolgregoire 6 4 Love is Blind by Gealach Love is Blind :icongealach:Gealach 28 34
I have no words to say in response to a broken heart,
and my subtle and gentle replies were on their break tonight.
There are words that tie this together:
other interesting people - pot - bad guy - break up
But the tears are what I will remember,
and how I could not fix this with the tape of understanding,
or the orange blanket on my couch.
:iconfreakishlywired:freakishlywired 1 0
NENA - Lass mich by MarineElphie NENA - Lass mich :iconmarineelphie:MarineElphie 27 17
RE: Meet Me Halfway
before we start dancing
i should probably let you know
i only asked because i wanted to chill with you for about 3 minutes and 27 seconds.
im not some smooth guy coming to sweep you off your feet.
i might accidentally trip you while were dancing though, if that counts for anything.
to tell the truth, i dont even know why i asked you to get up.
i cant even dance, actually.
before i ask you out,
i should probably let you know
you shouldn't expect too many presents and stuff like that.
im broke, to tell the truth.
plus, i'd much rather make you something anyway,
maybe a poem, or a song.
i dont want to give you something someone else made.
that guy in china who made that little trinket doesn't even know who you are.
so why should he be making something for you instead of me?
i mean, im trying to earn your love, not bribe it out of you.
before you ask if i prefer cats or dogs, pizza or salad, natural girls or girls with makeup,
i should tell you i'm an animal lover, not a dog or cat lover.
:iconoptimisticxpessimist:optimisticxpessimist 16 7
93. Give Up
Night falls and I stare at stars
Mercury, Venus, the moon and Mars
How much precious time has passed
How much longer will this last?
Helplessness falls as crying rain
Tears in my eyes, what a pain!
The gas lamp burns my hope away
Second by second I sit and decay
It's a matter of time before it stops
When the clock stops ticking the cuckoo pops
Life sieving through my dirtied hands
Frozen and dead, lost are sands
'Hell', 'Heaven', 'Deed' and 'Crime'
Many illusions we acts and mime
Blunt and pointless, that's just life
Reality hits like a sharpened knife
I hear you whispering behind my back
My soul is torn, my mind cracked
The silver thread you hold in you hands
They cut me deep, those bloodied strands
Talk to me; keep me sane
The tangent the curve the vertice the plane
Hurry, be quick! Call my name!
Though the way you do it was never the same
Sing of shame, sing of regret
Let you go, I should never have let
Hold it tight you useless fool
Cursing myself keeping my cool
I hopelessly watch
:iconsabriei:SabrieI 5 18
Mature content
Scars :iconikilledfreya:Ikilledfreya 109 47
and i would rather
            lie to myself
            -than to you
(and sometimes that line becomes gray, though)
where i end and you begin
            (and marginal and liminal)
::search for answers elusive as this night::
            -something (as dark and vague)
            (as jumbled and worn)
            (as lost and alone)
and so i YIELD
-and try to become so intoxicated by
(The Forgetting)
            -the high of it all
            -and the rush
:iconreal-rabbit:Real-rabbit 178 57
Prietema... by Beeluna Prietema... :iconbeeluna:Beeluna 2 2 Simplicity by LadyRavenhawk
Mature content
Simplicity :iconladyravenhawk:LadyRavenhawk 55 19
Simply you.
Isn't it funny
how these tiny things, overlooked by others
are what stand out the most to me.
With each staggering glance I face you with...
It's as if nobody else exists in the room.
So clichéd yet its my everyday reality.
And the more words that flow fluently
from your perfected lips, the
more my heart does flutter; effervescently to the ground.
The softest touch, yet the force is
so heavily placed upon myself.
Your smile, so dazzling; dare my eyes take behold?
Contagious, your laughter; the sweet air it fills.
And as the beats accelerate, and the awareness
of others fade...
I remember exactly why I drag my lead heart around;
heavy, with thoughts of you.
:iconlead-balloons:Lead-Balloons 1 0
fifty people one room
let's make a pentagram out of my heart and yours,
and we'll beat down everyone else's half-empty dreams;
we'll be vicious and blurred-movement;
a stringent of misshapen colour.
i'll wear my favourite red plaid shirt
(it's too big but you say it's cute;
and that's awnser enough)
and you wear those skinnies
that i want so bad
(you let me try them on once;
and you laughed and told me
"you look awful!")
we can make a mockery out of everyone else's perception
of love of death of lust of life and
of what it means to be free
because you and i both know;
freedom is anarchy dressed up to the nines
(we'll run the riots;
tear through our old town;
make love in churches;
and steal cream tea's)
you once told me something secret;
and i whispered back;
"i love you too."
:iconabbehyea:abbehyea 2 7


I think Me and My little Blue/Green/Teal/Turquoise Buddy Joel are going to have a few adventures. I liked the last one I drew... I will post another soon. If people like him, more will come.

Meet Joel:
  • Listening to: Holly... I'm The One - Son of Dork
  • Reading: The word Tired
  • Watching: The snoring Smiley face
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Coke!!!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
All that needs to be said about me, can be said by focusing on my poems. On the writings I'm willing to share. Focus hard on the words I write, interpret them how you see them.. and you'll know everything that needs to be said.
Tune your ears to hear properly, tune your eyes to look the right way...
Be open minded, and you can know it all.
I hold no secrets from my friends and my readers.

Current Residence: *singsong voice* I'll never telllllll
Favourite genre of music: Alternative/rock/pop
MP3 player of choice: iPod - I have 6.
Favourite cartoon character: GIR!!!
Personal Quote: if you never try you never fail but if you never fail you never suceed in life - inspired by a taco.


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